Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Forensicator: A Definition

Lee Whitfield recently requested definitions for "forensicator" on twitter, as he wanted to submit to Webster's dictionary. It got me to thinking about how to define the word (yes, I enjoy thinking), so here's my stab at it (in something similar to Webster's format):

fo-ren-si-ca-tor | adj | \fə-ˈren-zi-kā-tər\

Definition of FORENSICATOR
1 :Individual who understands and enjoys the employment of advanced techniques in the investigation or analysis of artifacts contained within digital media (computers, networks, smartphones, removable/portable storage, etc)
2 :Individual professionally or personally engaged to perform the actions described above
3 :Compliment typically given by one such individual to another

- fo-ren-si-ca-ting | verb

Coined by BJ Lachner and popularized on the Cyberspeak podcast.

Well, that's my contribution. Just a little fun on a Wednesday morning.

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