Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#DFIRSummit - Afterthoughts, Part 1

I think this tweet by David Kovar sums it up the best:

The only thing that was left out was #corn, but that's another story altogether! I was involved with corn, but I don't think it's my story to tell...

The background on the above tweet was that we had a break after Hal Pomeranz gave a VERY in-depth talk about EXT4, and brains were melting. And he was dancing. Twitter was on fire. Next up was a panel about "the cloud." A group of us on break decided we needed to submit a question that somehow encompassed every topic brought up over the course of the Summit. David Kovar tweeted it and turned in his question card; Andrew Hay read it as the last question, and Cory Altheide autographed his book.

Overall, the Summit was great. The speakers were awesome, it was a great group of folks, and dare I say, a good time was had by all.

I arrived Monday afternoon, and went to the reception. When that was over, we all went to Shiner's with Rob Lee; there was a good group in attendance. And of course, I got to meet Kristinn, which is good for my "fanboy" status ;). For those who think forensicators need to be short, overweight, or bald (as declared by Chris Pogue), well he's none of those. Of course, neither am I. This was my first time to go to something like the Summit, and after a couple introductions from Hal, we were all chatting like old friends. About corn. Very cool. I guess that's what happens when a bunch of crazy geeks get together; our minds are so similar that it's just natural to have a great time!

My wife's comment to me tonight when I got back and was sharing some stuff: "It's like you've died and gone to geek heaven!" She gets me; she so gets me...

Tuesday evening there was an after party at Buffalo Billiards and everyone got to hang out for more good times and conversation. Lest you all think it was nothing more than a big party with drinks galore, there were speakers, presentations, panels, etc. And corn. And that was all very good stuff. Naturally, props go to Kristinn (@killer_dwarf?) for a great presentation about l2t, and everything that tool can now do! However - hope this doesn't damage my status - my favorite was Chris Pogue's talk on "Sniper Forensics." I really enjoyed it, thought it was a great topic and material (and he's a good speaker).

That's it for now, as it's rather late, and I've got a technical webcam check tomorrow morning for a video conference interview tomorrow afternoon. I actually had to leave Summit a little early to head back home and do my own webcam check first in preparation. Tomorrow I will write up a post on my thoughts about the presentations.



  1. Thanks for coming. Really enjoyed having you there!

  2. I'm glad I got to go. Met a lot of wonderful folks, listened to some great presentations, absorbed a lot of information. Had a great time!