Friday, June 10, 2011

#DFIRSummit - Afterthoughts, Part 3

Who would've thought it would take 3 posts to summarize the Summit in Austin? Not me. I did the first one because I needed (personally) to start the process; I knew then that the main body would require some dedicated space (it could probably have been broken up into 2 posts just for that piece of it). But there remains something very important to cover - the "thank you" section.

First and foremost, many thanks to SANS and their hard-working people for putting on the event. Obvious thanks go to Rob Lee as the host, but he wasn't the only there. There were people doing registration, audio-visuals, and presentation facilitators. Everyone did a great job, so thanks to all the SANS team!

In addition, there were vendors who helped make things happen. AccessData, Netwitness, and Fortinet all had a presence there (Infogressive was in the program, but I don't recall seeing a booth; conversely, Fortinet was not listed, but was there nonetheless). Netwitness sponsored a lunch & learn, and AccessData sponsored an evening reception.

All of the panelists and presenters also deserve thanks, for giving their time and efforts to be there and participate; I know all the preparations for that take a lot of time and mental effort. Some of them came not just from other States, but all over the world (Iceland, Canada, Nebraska... ;) ).

And last but not least, all the attendees deserve thanks. They took time out of their lives, work, etc to be there. I'm sure it wasn't a burden for anyone, but some of them came a very long way (Spain, Canada, Germany, etc) to be there.

Without everyone listed above, there would be no event. Many thanks to all of you!

I think this is the last post on the subject...


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