Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm Goin' to Disneyland - Again!

Or ... What a year, what a year!

Not really Disneyland, but rather SANS DFIR Summit 2012 in Austin, TX. But let me back up and explain a wee bit first.

Last year this time I was working along at a small forensic consultancy as a senior analyst. I was able to get approval to attend FOR563 (Mobile Device Forensics) at the SANS Summit in Austin, but wouldn't be able to attend the Summit itself. Bummer, but the training was more valuable for the business in the long run. Anyway, in May that job disappeared on me, as such things happen on occasion. More bummer.

The DFIR community came around me with support, job opportunities, and in fact a way was made for me to attend the Summit directly (which I blogged about last year). No bummer there! I was able to meet a lot of great folks, see old friends, make new ones, network, and have a great time. I got a lot out of the event, and now I get to give back.

So in the interim, I've landed a corporate gig, which vastly increases my time at home with family, scheduling consistency, and so on. I have a good boss and it's a great gig all the way around.

But, to get around to the "giving back" part... I have been blessed with the opportunity to share the fruits of my research at the Summit this year, as I've been accepted as a speaker there. It's an incredible honor, and obviously very exciting! For those who might be concerned, I have no intention of making use of the term, "APT," unless I need to throw people off. :D

So here's the other thing. If you sign up at the link provided above, and use the discount code below, you'll get 10% off the Summit registration fee. No joke, it's for real! Act now, SANS expects this event to sell out quickly!

Discount Code: PrimeLending10

Hope to see you there!

PS: Just a quick update regarding the 10% discount. SANS is offering this through the speakers. They did not explain *why* in any great detail, although it seems obvious to me they want to increase attendance and think this will help. And perhaps whoever gets the most signups using their code, will be given a Ferrari. Or a SANS-branded thumb drive. Really, I'd like the Ferrari. ;)

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