Sunday, May 15, 2011

Experienced Forensicator Seeks Employment

Well, my now-former employer has seen fit to close the door on that "season" of my life. I am grateful that I had the opportunity there to get involved in the forensics field and start giving back to the community. That time and experience has shown me again and again that I love the work, and (IMHO) am good at it. The whole process excites me, and I love the challenge each case brings!

That said, I am now a "free agent" and looking for a great team to join. You've seen some of my work here, and that's a start. To learn a little more about my experience and qualifications, please visit my LinkedIn page.

If you want a copy of my CV (which I hope you do), please drop me a note through LinkedIn and I'll send you a download link. I may post it more publicly a little further down the road, but for now this is what I'm doing.



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