Monday, July 26, 2010

Computer Forensic Blog Intro

Computer forensics blog, 'forensicaliente' ~

So, the name is completely geeky, but hey, that should be worn like a badge of honor. Or perhaps a SANS Lethal Forensicator ROM (Round Metal Object, aka, 'coin')... :) No, I'm not sayin' for me, I'm just sayin'.

In looking for something in IT jobs that really truly interested me, I came across computer forensics (digital forensics, whatever you want to call it), and managed by the grace of God to get into the field. I have been working here for several years now and absolutely love it. I think it's the coolest thing since sliced bread, pockets on shirts, and so on. Or with slang/euphemisms being what they are, sometimes 'cool' = 'hot' and thus 'forensicaliente...'

As I work through problems, come up with questions to test and try, I have developed a fairly sizable Evernote library (or maybe not so sizable, who knows?). I finally decided to put things into a blog in the hopes that they may help others. That's one of the things I think is so neat about CF, that so many practitioners share so generously, and I'd like to contribute to the community as well.

While I won't likely be as prolific as some of the great forensic bloggers, I will try to start out with a number of posts from my library of notes, and add to it as I go along. I hope these are of use and benefit to others.

PS: And yes, the site is largely unformatted; I'll be working on that too.

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